King Legacy GUI | Auto Farm, Boss Farm, Sea King Farm & Much More

Created by sannin9000


  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Raid
  • Auto Boss Farm
  • Auto Sea Beast Farm
  • Auto New World
  • Auto Skills – Does z,x,c,v,b skills
  • Auto Stats
  • Auto Gacha
  • Devil Fruit Sniper
  • Collect Devil Fruits
  • Inf Geppo – You can geppo infinitely 
  • No Geppo Cooldown
  • Inf Soru
  • Inf Dash – Removes dash cooldown and you can spam it
  • No Stun – Removes all stuns such as dough stun / hao/conqueror haki and more
  • Anti Water Damage
  • Auto Buso
  • Auto Ken
  • Spawn Coffin Boat
  • Noclip
  • Invisible
  • WalkSpeed Changer
  • JumpPower Changer
  • Drop All Fruits
  • Redeem Codes
  • Teleports to Islands
  • Teleport to NPCs
  • Teleport To Players
  • CTRL Click TP
  • ESP – (Names,Health,Distance,Tracers)
  • Always Day
  • Full Brightness
  • No Shadows
  • No Fog
  • No DMG Display

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⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or anything other than .txt/.lua file, because script will download only in .txt/.lua format or It will redirect you to a pastebin link.

📋 Notice: If you find any of the scripts patched or not working, please report it to Forever4D through Discord. The script will be removed or marked as patched!