Infernus is optimized with powerful code to remain undetected and its fully customizable and stylish user interface. It's the best free exploit!

Infernus's Features

we offer the highest quality & premium product, here is a list of features that differentiate us from the rest and dominates competition.

  • System Support

    Infernus is guaranteed to work on Windows 7+ We're still expanding our support for other platforms!

  • Undetectable

    Infernus has always been developed with security in mind, making sure you're always undetected and ban-proof.

  • Lua Executor

    Infernus is one of the best Roblox lua script executor ever made! Infernus can execute almost all script.

  • Custom Functions

    We have developed a lot of of custom functions to support all the developers into achieving new heights.

  • Fast Execution & Updates

    Infernus takes only few seconds to inject, also Roblox updates every Wednesday. We promise that you will have unpatched Infernus within 4-24h of each update!

  • Script Hub

    We strive to build a great community, we offer every single Infernus user access to our private script hub.

Infernus's Pricing

Ready for that juicy upgrade? Gain access to all those premium features to enhance your gaming experience, small price to pay for such power.

Infernus Premium

The premium version is designed and developed around our users; advanced and powerful code with a simplistic frontend. Infernus is constantly being updated & developed with new features and patches every week, gain access to all this power for only $4.99 
  • Premium Access
  • Direct Key Access
  • Script Hub Access
  • Customizable UI

Download our free version

We're very confident in our services, we only offer the highest quality products such as Infernus; to ensure your satisfaction and experience we provide a free version.